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Clinical Massage 
Specialised treatment of pain and chronic pain conditions
Sports injuries rehabilitation
Increase Sports performance
Pain and limited movement
Non-specific low back pain
Headaches and migraine
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Shoulder pain and injury
Neck pain and injury
Disc pathologies
Hip pain and injury
Knee pain and injury

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“Number one reason for people visiting the GP in the UK is due to back pain”  (British Pain Society)
In most of those cases GPs can’t do much more than prescribe a painkiller and hope for the best, which results in people thinking that there is no solution or no one out there able to help, so they sadly put up with their pain.

You don’t have to put up with your pain, that doesn’t make any sense

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As massage therapists we are the specialists of the soft tissue and it’s manifestations and therefore we should be the referred specialist for those in pain. This profession is much needed today and we need it’s prestige back.


 As a qualified nurse, I believe hands on therapy is the future of our health system and the place where I would no doubt go looking for pain relief and healing.

Rocio Santiago. ACMT